The Fitness Industry Has Failed You

Our FamilyHi, I'm Shaun Angel. My wife Molly and I own Flex 151, an innovative fitness program right here in Owensboro and Newburgh aimed at helping you achieve the goals that have been failing you for years.

If you are reading this, you are likely a potential referral from one of our current or previous clients. Traditional marketing and advertising doesn't work very well for us because we are very, very different from a standard, walk-in gym.

You see, we aren't elite, affluent-focused standard Certified Personal Trainers. Usually, people either assume we are an expensive walk-in gym or some sort of boutique exercise type place that's kind of weird.

We're actually a team of highly advanced Certified Personal Trainers who work 1:1 and in small, 1-3 group training sessions. We employ a very advanced and evidence-based exercise protocol on clients who don't have time or patience for a standard gym. And, we do this a little above a walk-in gym rate, without a 1 year contract and drastically below standard personal training rates.

Our clients are guided by a personal fitness coach during each session, can work out in their street clothes between meetings and not even sweat! The workout is 6.5 times more efficient and much safer than standard exercise methods, and free of intimidation, complication and completely at the client's current level.

We try to be affordable to the best of our ability so that you have money to buy more groceries that are higher quality. We actually love the gym industry and personal training business, but the reality is we generally see clients that aren't in these other fitness related businesses to begin with. That's why most people haven't heard of us, and when they do they are automatically skeptical because they are trying to compare us to what they know and what they have always heard.

Here's a 6-minute video that explains why your goals have been failing you year after year and how we help fix that:


Why does your health matter?

We all talk about how we want to get healthy, get in shape, and lose weight, but what do those things really mean? Losing weight is obvious. The problem is getting healthy. People don't really know what “getting healthy” actually means. What does healthy look like and why does it matter?

Here at Flex 151, being healthy means you:

Being healthy is much more than an abstract number on a scale. When you're truly healthy, you can rock that sales call and then still have the energy to be “all in” with your spouse and kids when you get home from work. People always talk about wanting a better “work-life balance”, but what good does it do you if when you clock out at 5pm every day you have no energy left for your family by the time you get home?

The Problem with “SMART” Goals & Yo-Yo Dieting

Once you decide to make your health a priority, you've taken the first step in what's unfortunately an up-hill battle for most Americans. Your friends or someone in the fitness industry will tell you to just create your SMART goals—goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused, and Time-bound—and then resolve to finally increase your willpower.

They tell you that you aren't really hungry, you just think you are. If you just restrict 500 calories a day for 7 days, you will have lost 1 pound because you reduced your intake by 3,500 calories, which is the amount of thermal energy in one pound of fat.

So, it's as easy as that. Just do it. Do more. Work more. Exercise more. Eat less. It is really simple. You are just a big math equation waiting to be solved. Case closed.

[Exit genetically-inclined Mr. trainer, nutritionist, or know-it-all well-meaning buddy who has never had a weight problem in their life, never had a baby, never had a 70 hour a week job, never had an injury that made them not be able to move, and never stress ate from depression yet thinks arrogantly that just because it works for them will work for you, because again, we are only a math equation of “calories in, calories out”.]

Come on, everyone keeps repeating this same diet stuff. Some of the more disciplined among us can white-knuckle it like this and get results, but after a while they burn out or get injured, and then end up regaining all the weight they lost, and then some.

Ever wonder why a yo-yo diet quits working? It's because we focus only on weight loss and not on health improvement. We lose weight that is a combo of muscle and fat, then fail because it was an overly restrictive plan that didn't account for hormones and then we gain our weight back.

What's worse, the body lost fat and muscle but only gained back fat. So, now we weigh the same as we did before the diet, but yet we look much heavier and are confused. The fat we gained back is different fat in different places and quits coming off as easy.

It's time to quit this stinking thinking! If this resonates for you like it did for Molly and I, call now. Don't wait. We will teach you how to fish, not sell you tons of “bait'. Since we hear so many conflicting messages, we stay locked in diet plans, vertical marketing supplements that worked for our friend, starvation diets, low calories, low carb, fruitarian, vegan, pescatarian…it's my thyroid…it's my testosterone…its genetic. And on and on it goes.

That's why Flex 151 is the Un-Gym

“Health” and “fitness” are two words that are thrown around interchangeably in gym advertisements and by health professionals as if they were one in the same. However, at Flex 151 we see these words as two completely different worlds. We define health as the state of being free of injury or illness whereas fitness is your body's capability to perform physical activity.

When you look at their true definitions, you can actually be someone that is physically fit, but not necessarily be healthy. For example, we all have friends that are training for half marathons that achieve their goal of physically completing the event but unfortunately come away with their health negatively impacted with knee pain, shin splints, or low back issues.

At Flex 151, we achieve improvements to both your health and your fitness at the same time. We have certified personal trainers there to coach and motivate you while you are performing safe motions at a slow speed in order to reduce chances of injury.

These moves are done on computerized equipment so that each workout's data can be captured and saved for tracking each client's results. We focus on quality exercise and ask our clients to give us maximum effort so they can spend their precious time outside of the gym enjoying life, not with the guilt that they need to be on a treadmill doing even more exercise.

But, we measure results so differently from others in the industry that we prefer to call ourselves the un-gym. Media is overflowing with the next best thing for you to lose pounds and inches. However, Flex 151 prefers to bust through conventional wisdom and measure results from what we like to call non-scale victories.

Non-scale victories are achievements like being able to run with your kids in the yard, picking up a large bag of dog food easily, or noticing that your clothes just fit more loosely. In fact, we would love it if our clients would take a hammer to their weight scales and never step on them again!

We achieve weight loss at Flex 151 by changing our clients' old way of thinking from “I need to lose weight to get healthy” to the more powerful “I want to get healthy in order to lose weight”. While it is a subtle change of words, it is a life-changing shift in our clients' journey to loving themselves and their bodies.

So, who are our typical clients?

We are THE solution for those that are time strapped—people with no time to even think about taking care of themselves. They are the business leaders of today and tomorrow, moms, dads, teachers, sales professionals and other people so driven and focused taking care of everyone else that they wake up one day out of shape and not sure where to start. They are not weak, low in will power, or ignorant about why health is important. They simply feel like they have no time to fit it into their lives because they are so busy.

The next group is previously injured people. For some reason or another, life happened and they now find themselves worrying about safety of the equipment and exercise so they don't re-injur themselves. They may know what to do, but are unsure how to get past the pain. Yes, they should be rehabbing properly at a good physical therapist or body worker. However, they're busy, have already made it through their recovery process, and they don't want to reinjure themselves so they give up before they even start.

Finally, the third group of people fit a category that you will probably resonate with if you've read this far: they are intimidated, unsure, or generally just hate the gym experience, how it smells, the socializing part of it, the swole dudes, ladies showing their midriffs, or that person checking you out every time you bend over. For those that have been to a normal gym, you know what I am talking about. Not all gyms are like this, but many people have this stigma. When I was first exposed to what is now Flex 151, I was so glad to have found a solution that produced results, strength, and accountability while keeping me from worrying about having to go to the gym and put my headphones in so people wouldn't try to talk to me.

At Flex 151, you simply walk in and are welcomed by equipment that precisely knows your abilities and trainers that give you accountability and motivation without breaking the bank.

…but don't take our word for it:

Kyle Gorman

After being in and out of the gym for years, Flex 151 has proven to be the best use of my time and resources for continued fitness. I have experienced great results and can easily fit it into a busy schedule. You have to try it to believe it!

Kyle Gorman, General Manager at Gorman Recruiting

Sally W.

I love the results I've seen from Flex 151. It's very important to me to have the motivation every time I come to help push me to my limit. You can't get this personal experience at the gym or anywhere else.

Sally W, busy mother

Gavin Roberts

Flex 151 fits my schedule, only 15 minutes a week and it works! I have been a member of several health clubs over the years, but I could never find an hour of time to commit to exercising, this is the perfect alternative for that professional looking to stay fit, increase strength, and learning to eat healthier.

Gavin Roberts, Master Agent at Kentucky Farm Bureau

Sharon R.

Awesome experience EVERY time. Super friendly staff who make you feel like family. I've lost weight and become stronger, and I truly look forward to going. Highly recommend!

Sharon R, busy mother and professional

Jody Hulsey

Flex 151 provides the most efficient and effective workout that I have experienced. Time savings, advanced technology, and support from certified staff make Flex 151 the best choice for me in Owensboro.

Jody Hulsey, Financial Professional at AIG

Jana K.

Great guidance and encouragement from Trainer Shaun. I love the equipment, but more than that the excellent help in using it correctly from Shaun-or for that matter-all the trainers. They make sure we're getting the best results from program, from making sure we breathe to keeping perfect form. I love Flex 151! I feel they design the program to work for me.

Jana K, busy professional

Robert Edge

I enjoy the time factor and accountability of the program. I have noticed a definite increase in my strength.

Robert Edge, Insurance Agent at Kentucky Farm Bureau

Nancy H.

Exercising at Flex 151 has helped save my life. I am obese and stiff. When I started at Flex 151, I had to have help getting on and off the leg press. Now I can get on and off by myself. I have lost a lot of inches and am down 1 top size just by exercising. I can get in and out of a car easier & move about my home better. I like Flex 151 because it is customized to me, and I get a full workout just 1 time a week. This is the first time I have ever committed to exercising for this lengthy period. I love my Flex151 team!

Nancy H, busy professional

What can you do? What will you do?

Shift the way you look at life balance and at what is important. Resist getting frustrated again with diet programs that set you up for failure. Instead, leverage Flex 151 to help you learn about your own bioindividuality so you can create a lifestyle of sustainability in your exercise along with nutrition that provides motivation because you're actually getting results. Then, just like profit is a side effect of a well-run business, let your goals be a side effect of a well oiled process that works for you.

So, what are you going to do next? Are you going to spend the next 2 weeks studying—researching and thinking on the next best thing that will change your life, only to arrive at analysis paralysis and do nothing? Are you going to ask your genetically inclined family member or that person at the gym that looks like they know what they are doing? Doesn't sound promising, but yet that is what most people do when trying to start a lifestyle change.

If you go this alone, many people likely fail—not because what you learned about is wrong; it will work if you stay to it consistently. It failed most likely because it was not sustainable. It may have been the workout was great, but the nutrition was wrong. Maybe the nutrition is awesome and doable and you are losing weight, but you are getting weaker and not working your body.

Flex 151 brings this together. We are the un-gym. Come feel the difference from your very first FREE TRIAL Workout. We will not weigh you, pinch your fat, tell you what you are doing wrong or confuse you. We will help you make a sustainable lifestyle change, starting at your current capabilities and fostering incremental health gains you can be proud of. 15 minutes once or twice per week. A workout that hits every muscle head to toe without breaking a sweat—that works cardio-strength and core—that you can fit into your life while on the way to pick up your child, in between meetings, during your day. We fit into your life. We don't make your life work around us.

Don't do nothing. If you care about your health, do something. And if you think that Flex 151 can help you, then click the link below to schedule your Free Trial Workout. Nothing to be nervous about. No previous skill required. Come as you are. But do something. We want to help you enact a sustainable lifestyle change.

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